Friday, September 19, 2008



I am...optmistic tonight.

I'd like to think... that I can remodel my kitchen....but it's Grandma's.

I've become... completely out of control with my Scentsy Candles.I just keep buying and's crazy!

I think...about what other people think ALL the time...sometimes I think I'm psychic.

I know...that tomorrow at some point I'm going to have to do the dishes.

I want...the energy to work out.

I obsession with MTV Reality that needs to stop.

I like...when my kids ask to go to "Fas Legas"

I wish ...I wasn't always freakin hungry.

I hate...when people don't have common sense...

I momma

I fear...of getting cancer

I people think I'm a bad mom cuz I work. (copying your answer Lesley)Ditto

I hear...the bubbles from the 55 gallon fish tank in my kitchen with freakin 30 fish that Quinn suprised me with on my last trip home from Vegas. suprise suprise

I smell....Scentsy Everywhere!

I wonder...if I will ever have another baby.

I regret....not finishing school before having kids.

I love... my family!

I always...worry about the point where I probably could use some medication.

I am not...super woman...although I wish I were

I Quinn and his new Hydrogen Fuel Cell business (nice plug huh?)

I don't always...wash my hair...there...I said it.

I win...debates with Quinn...he may not think so but I know I do....gotta pick your battles.

I lose...a lot of patience but I'd rather be losing weight.

I to do things different. I have a strange OCD/ritual/karma thing going on and can't get rid of it. I HAVE to do things the same every year. My fixtures in the store need to face the same way as last year in OCT...otherwise it's bad luck...I know I"m crazy.

I booty shakin,beat pumpin hip hop, techno, pop. And I shake my booty at work and home and am currently teach Aspyn how to do the same.

I am scared of...being alone.

I read...magazines like they are going out of style.

I...invite anyone else who wants to play along to produce an "I" post! I love reading them!


Lesley said...

Yahoo! Thanks! I love it! I am teaching Ellie how to shake her booty too!

Just one of the Boyz said...

I love your " I " post. I think I'm gonna have to do my own...

Megan Andersen said...

This is the cutest tag that I've seen in awhile--Mel, I know I keep saying this but I truly do miss you! I can hear your voice as I read your blog & I love it!!

april hickman said...

Melanie, I can totally relate to all of these!!!! Especially I wish I wasn't always hungry, man that is me to a "T".