Friday, July 25, 2008

The Power of Commercials

I practically can't stand them but my kids seem to love them. They believe in them 100% and I'm sure it's due to the great acting involved while making them. Why do all the cartoon channels play so many of them?'s driving me nuts! Here are some that I have to endure or listen to daily.

Green Bags - I was driving home and explaining why we couldn't stop at anymore stores because the groceries would go bad. Aspyn wanted to know where Bee-nana's live, in the fridger or on the counter. I explained that they last longer in the fridge and my son proceeded to tell me that all I have to do is buy those one green bags and I can put all the fruit I want in them and they would last forever.

Pancake Puffs - Luckily Target carries a few "As seen on TV" items, but because of this I have to turn on my turbo boosters as I pass by that end cap on the aisle so my kids don't scream for them. "But Mom" Asher screams, "You can make ANYTHING in those".

Rocket Fishing Rod - As if fishing normally isn't simple enough....they need to make a rocket booster that shoots your line out to the water ever so gracefully and helps catch TONS of fish. I thought the art of fishing was bait and timing?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4th of July

Thanks Shana for letting us turn your house upside down!

12 Adults and 14 kids later!

We had a blast!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sure makes "SCENTS" to me!

For all of you that don't addiction to scentsy warmers and the bars has gotten out of control, so out of control that I started to sell it. Not actively because I have about zero time between work and my family, but just as needed. I love all the smells and changing them, plus they are good to have on hand for a quick gift, so if anyone needs me!

To Post or not to Post...

OK, so for being someone that I consider pretty computer savvy....I'm actually stumped. So my laptop is starting to give out on me. Luckily we have our desktop, which is consumed with Quinn's stuff making it hard for me to do much. Nevertheless I can't figure out how to "quickly" get my pics from the laptop to the desktop. My flash drive is not co-operating...ughh.. So hang tight until I get it all figured out.