Saturday, October 25, 2008

Battle Cards?

So Asher came home from school the other day and immediately started to cut out some cardstock paper and make cards. On them were some weird monster looking people, assorted by color and given a number. Asher informed me these were Battle Cards and that he needs some to play with Dylan and AJ at school. Battle Cards? Seriously? At 5 years old? I'm mean and made him use his homemade cards until he would clean his room and behave, which he did so we went to Target to buy some. He freakin carries them everywhere like they are gold!
I dropped him off at school the other day and he didn't want to kiss me goodbye...he ran off to the playground and met dylan underneath the slide to trade cards and...battle. Too Funny!


Lesley said...

Battle Cards= Another form of Yugio (sp?) or Pokemon. Decendant of Garbage Pail Kids. Created to pretend there is a game behind them but kids just obsess over having the entire set. Mom's spend 100's of dollars trying to get entire set and kids trade so they will never actually have the entire set. Good times for you Mel! Warn everyone.

Megan Andersen said...

Are they expensive? The funny stuff kids are into these days??