Monday, October 27, 2008

Aspyn's Fire Saftey

Mom: "So Asher you have been learning about fire safety in school. What do you do if your clothes ever catch on fire?"
Asher: "Stop, drop and roll!"
Aspyn: "Shake your booty."

Mom: "What do we do if there is a lot of smoke in the house?"
Asher: "Crawl so we don't get smoke on us."
Aspyn: "Shake your booty."

Mom: "Can you guys name some ways to get out of the house?"
Asher: "Through the window."
Aspyn: "Mom who farted?"

Mom: "When we meet oustide....where should we meet?"
Asher: "Maybe the neighbors or mailbox."
Aspyn: "Wal-Mart"

Mom: "When there is a fire, do we pack all of our toys before getting out?"
Asher: "No, just ourselves."
Aspyn: "Mom...why does it smell like farts?"


Lesley said...

Oh girl! I am still laughing at little Aspyn. She and Ellie would have a great time. They could teach each other some good stuff- fat people and farts! Classic!

Megan Andersen said...

I have had the worst gas lately...I don't know what it freakin' is that is causing it either!

Just one of the Boyz said...

How Funny.. I hope your house never starts on fire or she'll be in trouble. Kids say the funniest things.